Adventures in Self-E-Publishing!

November 26, 2010

Jule Reigh and the Jim Stone Affair coverDigital self-publishing seems to be the latest rage, and I must admit I’ve jumped on the bandwagon. I do have a good excuse, though. Long story short (I had a longer version here, but decided to pare it down), due to circumstances mostly out of my control I had this novella that has been languishing on my harddrive for nearly a year and a half.

Now, what to do with the story? I started hearing whispers of digital self-publishing on something called Smashwords. I’d heard of Smashwords before, but I thought it was more along the lines of an online bookstore than a publishing venue. So I looked into it in late October, decided to give it a try, and set up a couple of accounts, one for each of the names I write under. Because the manuscripts have to be formatted a certain way, I first worked with a couple of free short stories I have up at my sites. One is under 1k words and the other under 2k. I figured these shorter manuscripts would be easier to go through the style guide with than a longer one. Then after I got the process down pat, I’d tackle the longer one.

I made a fresh, new cover for my short, “Immortal Blush” (writing as Lanette Curington), formatted the manuscript, and subbed it. It went through easily enough and didn’t come back with any formatting errors. A few days later, I went through the process again with another freebie, “Lust in the Dust”, and it, too, didn’t come back with any formatting errors. At that point, I tackled “Jule Reigh and the Jim Stone Affair”. Familiar with the process by then, it was a piece of cake to format, and it didn’t come back with any errors either. Since I was on a roll, I formatted the last free story I have, “The Wolf Man’s Legacy”, and put it up at Smashwords, too.

The three free stories are still free at Smashwords and will be available at all the distribution sites they go to–Apple, Kobo, Sony, Diesel Books, etc.– After careful consideration, I priced “Jule Reigh and the Jim Stone Affair” at 99 cents because of its short length. Unfortunately, anything priced at 99 cents can’t be discounted a percentage through a Smashwords coupon. It can only be full price or a coupon making it free. From now on, I think any other works as short as that will be priced at $1.49 instead, but I have no intention of upping the price on “Jule Reigh and the Jim Stone Affair”. It’s been an experiment; you live and learn.

Perhaps the moral of this story is never believe an author when she says she’s going to make a long story short. đŸ˜‰

Visit my pages at Smashwords:

Jule Reigh and the Jim Stone Affair

Free Story: Lust in the Dust

Free Story: The Wolf Man’s Legacy

Free Story: Immortal Blush

Lani Aames

Lanette Curington


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