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Lusty Charms: Invictus – 49 cents at EC!

May 23, 2011

Lusty Charms: Invictus coverLusty Charms: Invictus is now available at the new low price of 49 cents at the Ellora’s Cave website.

Lusty Charms: Invictus at EC

The MSRP will be 99 cents at the online retailers as soon as the price change cycles through. It took about a week and a half for the Desperate Hearts price changes to start cycling through. I expect it will be the same for this one.

I’ll be announcing more reduced prices of some of my older EC titles over the next few months.


Lusty Charms: Invictus–New cover!

May 19, 2011

Lusty Charms: Invictus coverThe new cover for Lusty Charms: Invictus will be officially on the Ellora’s Cave site on May 23, when the new low price will take effect!

It’s one of the standard Quickie covers, but I think it says this is a magickal story. (I spelled magick with a k in this story.)

Invictus Cross is one of my darker heroes. He has dark passions, dark magick, and a dark sexiness. Serena Blackstone becomes, much to her surprise as well as his, a perfect match for him.

If you haven’t stepped into the world of Strange Castle, I hope you’ll give it a try after May 23! It will be priced at 49 cents at the Ellora’s Cave website, and 99 cents (or less, if they discount) at the online retailers.


Desperate Hearts-new low price now at Amazon!

May 13, 2011

Desperate Hearts by Lani Aames Yay! The new low price has finally made it to Amazon, B&N, Kobo, and ARe!

Amazon US $1.19, Amazon UK £1.05, Amazon DE €0,96, B&N $1.49, Kobo $1.39, and ARe $0.74.

As of right now, old prices are still showing at Sony, and Diesel.

At these new low prices, I hope you give Desperate Hearts a try! Thanks!


Lusty Charms: Invictus–New low price May 23!

May 10, 2011

Great news! Lusty Charms: Invictus is scheduled to reissue on May 23 from Ellora’s Cave with a new low price and a new cover! This Quickie length novelette will be priced at 49 cents at the EC website and 99 cents at the online retailers. I’ll post about the new cover as soon as I receive a copy of it.


Catching Up

May 5, 2011

I’ve been working on the book pages (those links on the sidebar) to get all the blurbs, purchasing info, and excerpts up for each book I have published. Most are done now, but I still have a few to go. I’ll get those finished in the next day or two.

Both my websites are offline for the time being. I hope to get that fixed soon. Until then, all the information for my books can be found here. Well, as soon as I get those last few pages finished up. 😉

Happy Reading!

ETA 05/07/11: I’ve added all the blurbs, purchasing info, and excerpts for my books. Also added the free stories to their own pages. I still need to add info on the Coming Soon pages and create more pages! More books coming along soon. 🙂 But I’ll be tweaking now, adding reviews and more purchasing links over the coming days and weeks to the books already available. Thanks for your patience!


The Story Behind the Story: Desperate Hearts

May 3, 2011

Desperate Hearts coverThe original title for this story was Achy Breaky Hearts…which tells you how old the basic story is. LOL And if you’re not old enough to remember the country song Achy Breaky Heart, just know it was a smash hit for Miley Cyrus’s father Billy Ray Cyrus back in the day. It was such a smash that it became one of my all-time favorite songs, and I don’t like country music on the whole. There are exceptions, and this was one.

According to Wikipedia, Achy Breaky Heart was released in March, 1992. So I wrote the three or four major scenes sometime later that year. I didn’t set out to write a story with that title. I came up with the story idea set in Montana, wrote the major scenes, then called it Achy Breaky Hearts–making it plural because it’s a love triangle and all three main characters have aching, breaking hearts as they try to find their happily-ever-afters. I then set it aside. I did that in those days. (Still do, sometimes.) I’d write the exciting, emotionally intense scenes first then not bother to finish patching it together into a finished story. Back then, I wrote for my eyes only. I knew how the story went so I didn’t have to write the less intense connecting scenes.

Fast forward to 1999. I had most of Starkissed written. (It took me two years to write Starkissed…but that’s another story behind the story.) I think I needed a break from Starkissed, and I pulled out those Achy Break Hearts scenes. Over the long Thanksgiving weekend, four days from Thursday to Sunday, I re-wrote the scenes and finished up most of the connecting scenes. I’m not sure if I made the decision that weekend or later, but finally decided to set the story in Tennessee instead of Montana. I’ve never been to Montana, and I’ve spent most of my life in Tennessee. Also, Nashville, Country Music Capitol, would be closer and make it more realistic for the music dreams of one of the main characters to come true. So sometime later, another re-write changed the setting and then I finished it up.

I also changed the name to Desperate Hearts. I knew the original title dated the story too much. And then I could use that as the title of the breakout song for the main character to hit it big with. Also, each of the love triangle was desperate in his or her own way–desperate for acceptance, desperate for love, desperate for some unknown thing to put life back in order and find meaning again. This book is the most realistic of all my stories. The main characters are regular folks. The heroine Talley lives in a mobile home and works at a small country bar. I had grown tired of millionaire heroes, and fancy, sophisticated heroines almost to the point I quit reading romance for a long time. I wanted to read romances about people I could really relate to, that were struggling with life and relationships like me and most of the people I know. I did throw a little unrealism into the ending with the country singer making it big with a smash hit song, but this is escapism reading, after all.

Desperate Hearts was first published in mid-2000 under the name Lanette Curington. That e-pub went away in early 2001. Through a couple of twists and turns, Desperate Hearts finally landed at Ellora’s Cave. Since erotic romance was getting a foothold in the online romance market at that time, I re-tooled DH with more explicit language and came up with the pen name, Lani Aames. It was released at Ellora’s Cave in July, 2001.

July of this year, 2011, will mark Desperate Hearts’s ten-year anniversary with Ellora’s Cave. Wow!

I hope you enjoyed this story behind the story. It’s been fun taking a trip down Memory Lane and recalling how this book came to be. With the new, low price of 99 cents on Desperate Hearts at the Ellora’s Cave website, I hope more readers can share in the heartbreaks and joys of this story that is very dear to my heart.

You can check out an excerpt by clicking the title on the right sidebar. Desperate Hearts can be purchased at Ellora’s Cave for 99 cents. (It will be available for the MSRP of $1.49 at the retailers soon.)


Desperate Hearts – new low price!

May 2, 2011

Desperate Hearts coverEllora’s Cave re-released Desperate Hearts today at a new low price, 99 cents at the EC website. After the price change cycles through, the MSRP will be $1.98 $1.49 at all the retailers. (Possibly less if the retailers give it a percentage off.)(I goofed on the MSRP and corrected it.)

I’m so excited about this price change! Desperate Hearts is a contemporary erotic romance novella, about 33,000 words or 110 pages. (EC categorizes this length as a short novel.) I always thought the price at the retailers–Amazon, B&N, etc.–was much too high for this word length. I hope readers who have been put off by the high price will now give Desperate Hearts a try.

Ellora’s Cave