My websites…again

August 15, 2012

UPDATE August 17, 2012: Yay! I’m able to access my websites again. I’m also able to update the pages and access my control panel again. If you’re still unable to access my websites (they are timing out or getting a Not Found message), please try again in a few days. Seems it takes time for the hosting company changes to propagate through all the main internet servers.

ORIGINAL MESSAGE August 15, 2012:
The hosting company for my websites moved to new servers. Some people can bring up my sites, some can’t. (Unfortunately, I’m one who can’t.) I’m working to get that straightened out. And still working on updating the sites. Shooting for first of September. If you can’t bring up either of my sites (they are timing out for me), you can find all the information about my books here at this blog.

I will continue to make updates here at the blog until my websites come up for everyone (including me!) and are stable again. Sorry for the inconvenience.



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