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Updating links

September 12, 2012

Sometimes publishers will change the links to books at their websites. I’ve found a few broken links to publisher sites, so I’ve been updating them. All should be correct now. If you find a broken link, please leave a message on that book’s page. Thanks!

I’ll keep the links at this blog up to date, but there may be a little lag time. If you ever do run across a broken link, you can search for the book at the publisher’s website.


New Release! The Legend of Jack Straw

September 11, 2012

The Legend of Jack Straw coverTHE LEGEND OF JACK STRAW

Something wicked awaits beneath a full moon the night Nicole Hansen hangs out with her friends in the cornfield maze. Terror mounts as the teens are picked off one by one. Nicole struggles with clues leading to the impossible, that the attacks may be connected to an old story about a scarecrow come to life known as the Legend of Jack Straw.

A Halloween horror novella, approx. 19,000 words or 63 pages.

If you enjoy a teen scream horror tale without excessive gore and violence, you may like “The Legend of Jack Straw”. Suitable for YA ages and up.

PUBLISHER: Silver Heart Books
PRICE: $2.99 USD

Available at Amazon. Prime members can borrow for free.

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