Gillian’s Island

Seasons of Seduction II with Gillian's Island by Lani AamesGILLIAN’S ISLAND BY LANI AAMES

In the anthology Ellora’s Cavemen: Seasons of Seduction II

Somewhere in the Caribbean…

After a storm at sea sinks their boat, Gillian, Brandt, Paige, and Tony are stranded on what appears to be a deserted island in a small chain of islands called the Pirate Keys. Gillian’s sprained ankle makes her unable to travel, so she and Brandt wait while Paige and Tony cross difficult terrain to try to find help.

Gillian and Brandt take advantage of their privacy to explore their deepest desires while learning an important lesson in love. Paige and Tony run into problems, with both their mission and their relationship, but discover that nothing matters more than love.

And a centuries-old mystery draws to an unearthly conclusion here on Gillian’s island.

Ellora’s Cave

Also available at online retailers: Amazon, B&N, and others


“Ms. Aames pens an erotic novella that is whimsical, adventurous and sexy. GILLIAN’S ISLAND is a tropical treat. Join two couples on their quest for treasure, romance, and happily ever after. … The role-playing between Brandt and Gillian adds an unexpected bit of spice to the beginning of the story, warming the reader up and getting them interested. The incorporation of two couples into the story makes for twice the heat…”
—Ansley Velarde for Road To Romance

4 Unicorns! “It’s no small task to write very short erotic pieces without sacrificing emotion and plot and still call them ‘romance’. Lani Aames’ Gillian’s Island is proof that it can be done. Ms. Aames married some interesting elements together to provide a pleasing whole. …Ms. Aames is skilled at crafting hot scenes and combining them with good emotional motivations. … If you want a very quick read loaded with sex and some interesting twists, you’ll really enjoy Gillian’s Island.”
—Mary for Enchanted In Romance

4 Stars! “For a short story, Gillian’s Island is packed full with three love matches. … If you haven’t much time to read a story but want it full of love (and a bit of good sex) this is definitely the story for you.”
—Vikky Bertling for JERR

Ellora’s Cave

Also available at online retailers: Amazon, B&N, and others


“Y’know.” Brandt moved in closer to her and put his arm around her. “I’m not happy about what happened, but since we all came through it okay, I’m glad you and I have a chance to be alone a while.”

“Really?” Gillian grinned.

“Yeah. It’s kind of nice here on the beach with the fire. No distractions. No Paige barging in every ten minutes. No Tony singing off-key at the top of his lungs. Just you and me.”

“What did you have in mind to do with all this privacy?”

Brandt’s free hand slid beneath her shirt and cupped a breast, his thumb slipping under the lacy edge of her bra. Her nipple tingled in anticipation of his touch. When he made contact, rubbing the taut tip, a delicious quiver threaded its way through her body to her very core.

Surviving disaster was a total turn-on, Gillian decided, and sex a way of celebrating life. She closed her eyes, enjoying the staccato thrum of her clit in response to Brandt’s caress. Her pussy grew wet almost immediately. She moaned…

“Oh, damn, I’m sorry, Gillian.” Brandt jerked his hand away from her breast, ending the sweet torture.

Gillian’s eyes flew open. “What?”

“I forgot about your ankle. Did I hurt you?”

“You weren’t anywhere near my ankle.” Gillian took his hand and put it back under her shirt. “But if you stop now, I might hurt you.”

“Are you sure? I mean, it starts with a breast then it progresses to other parts of the body…” His voice turned low and sultry, and his fingers trailed over each place as he said the name. “The ribs, the hip, the belly, the pussy, the thighs—”

“Um, back up one,” Gillian directed breathlessly.

“The hip?”

“No, silly. That wet place between the belly and the thighs.”

His hand unsnapped her shorts and dove inside. When his fingertips nudged her clit, she nearly took flight.

“You mean there?” he asked in mock innocence.

“Oh, yes!”

His fingers swirled around the sensitive nub, and when Gillian’s hips rose, they delved deep into her slit. With each thrust of his fingers, her hips rose higher, massaging her clit against the heel of his hand.

“Oh, God, Brandt…” she moaned as her muscles tightened around him.

He, sadistic fiend that he was, suddenly pulled his hand free.

Nearly blinded by the building pleasure, but unable to release it, Gillian squirmed wildly. “What—?”

Brandt took hold of the waistband of her shorts and tugged them and her panties down, carefully pulling them over her injured foot.

“A special night like tonight calls for a special fuck,” he said.

“Hmm, you turn me on when you talk dirty,” she murmured as he grasped the edge of her shirt and pulled it over her head.

“Then you’re going to really enjoy tonight.” He leaned in close, his breath tickling her ear, and whispered, “I have an idea if you’d like to play along.”

Gillian’s eyes widened and she held her breath. Neither of them was adventurous in bed or, until now, had ever expressed an interest in trying anything even slightly beyond the norm. Brandt was conventional in so many ways, she’d never dared to share her fantasies with him.

She exhaled slowly. “What did you have in mind?”

Brandt licked his lips. “Let’s pretend I’m a pirate. My ship attacked yours, and I kidnapped you because I had to have you the moment I saw you. Then a storm came up and sank my vessel, drowning everyone aboard except you and me. Now, we’re stranded on this island, and there’s nothing to stop me from taking what I want.”

Gillian’s breathing deepened as Brandt’s scenario unfolded. She’d never role-played during sex before, but his fantasy of taking her by force dovetailed nicely with hers of being taken. The thought excited her, making her breasts ache and her clit throb.

Still, she wasn’t going to be an easy captive. She placed both hands flat on his chest and shoved. “Get away from me, you dastardly brute!”

Brandt landed on his backside, a stunned expression on his face.

“Like that?” she asked in mock innocence.

He grinned. “Yeah, like that….”

Ellora’s Cave

Also available at online retailers: Amazon, B&N, and others


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