Lusty Charms: Invictus coverInvictus by Lani Aames

Serena Blackstone, a non-magickal mundane, is irresistibly drawn to the dark and dangerous Dungeon Master of Strange Castle, Invictus Cross, and sets out to seduce him with a little help from her witch friend.

Invictus Cross intends to discourage the sexy mundane because she shouldn’t be with him. His dark past is sure to come back to haunt him, and he doesn’t want Serena caught in the crossfire.

Serena is shocked by his peculiar sexual demands, but because her enchanted robe reveals Invictus is her one true love, she willingly puts herself at his mercy.

A paranormal erotic romance novelette, approx. 10,000 words or 34 pages, and includes light D/s and spanking.

(Now, wouldn’t you like to be spanked by him? 😉 )

Published by Silver Heart Books.
Special low price for a limited time: $0.99 USD

Available now at Amazon, B&N, Diesel, Kobo and Smashwords.

Coming soon to other retailers, as they get around to putting it up:
Apple, Sony, etc.


“That’s enough, Invictus Cross,” she said as she stormed back to stand in front of him. “You don’t have to drive me away with all of this nonsense. I won’t bother you again. If you don’t want to make love to me, all you have to do is say so!”

This was the moment, wasn’t it? All he had to do was gather his clothing and walk out the door.

Instead, he allowed his lips to curve into a lazy grin, one he knew looked sadistic as well. “I do want to make love to you, Serena.”

“You have a funny way of showing it,” she said, looking down at him with a frown.

“But it will be on my terms.”

“What if I don’t like your terms? I really don’t like what you’re doing. What’s wrong with an intimate dinner for two and a walk through the garden? I had this fantastic, romantic evening planned, hoping we’d both get lucky. But you stalk in here and act like you own me when we barely know one another—Oh!

In one smooth movement, born of much practice, he had taken her arm and pulled her across his knees, face down. He was pleased to find he hadn’t lost his touch.

“What do you think you’re doing? Let me up now!” She howled and flailed against him. “Invictus, please!”

He knew he should do as she asked, but he couldn’t. He had gone too far and it was much too late. He held her down with one arm and her rounded ass quivered beneath the transparent cloth. The robe was silky to his touch, but all he could see were shimmery blurs that marked the outline of folds and hems. By touch, he pulled up the bottom of the robe until it was bunched at her waist.

“You can’t do this, Invictus! I’m not a child!” she protested, beating her fists against his boot-clad leg.

Surprisingly, she quieted when he laid his hand on one smooth cheek, massaging it firmly yet gently, his fingers barely slipping into the crease between them. She wiggled into his touch. When he was certain she was caught up in the sensual pleasure, he released her and placed his other hand on her other cheek.

Her legs were spread far enough apart that he could see her pussy, glistening dark pink and rimmed in short black curls topped by the dark areola of her asshole. One finger brushed the puckered muscle and she twitched.

Later, he would explore every inch of her. Now, he must punish her.

Invictus forgot there wasn’t supposed to be a later.

“You must obey me, Serena,” he rasped. “It doesn’t matter if you disagree or don’t understand, you must do what I say immediately. I told you to cover yourself and you didn’t. This is your punishment.”

He raised his hand and smacked her soundly.

* * * * *

Serena yelped after he struck, the sting a strange surprise. She’d grown all tingly inside as he’d rubbed her, and she’d felt herself become wet. She only had time to cover her face with her hands, ready to scream as loudly as she could, when he raised his hand. Instead, she made a puny noise. It didn’t hurt exactly. The way he spoke of punishment, she thought he would use all of his strength, but he didn’t. It was more like a playful slap.

If all of this was his idea of foreplay, she could tolerate it.

Why she tolerated it was a different matter. The robe, of course. The robe was transparent to him, which meant he was her one true love. She had to try, didn’t she?

Invictus slapped her butt again. This time a little harder, the sting a little worse. She gave another yelp, but it hadn’t really hurt either. The sting somehow blended with the tingle that started from between her thighs, and she was shocked to find she was aroused by what he was doing.

The next slap was the hardest of all and she cried out, her body bucking in protest.

“Silence!” he roared above her. “Don’t make a sound, Serena, or we will be here all night.”

He struck again and this time she clamped her hand firmly over her mouth, swallowing the cry. That one had hurt! She wriggled in his lap, felt the rock hard bulge of his erection. Apparently, squirming was allowed because he didn’t command her to stop. After several more slaps, each harder than the one before, her butt was burning…but so was her clit.

Serena couldn’t believe this was turning her on! No man had ever done this to her before, and if one had asked she would have shown him the door. Perhaps that was the difference. Invictus hadn’t asked, he had demanded.

A finger dipped into her wetness, and she drew in a sharp breath between her fingers, hoping he hadn’t heard. She didn’t want him to stop. Invictus’ wet finger reamed her labia with a gentle touch, purposely ignoring her clit. Instinctively, her legs opened a little wider. His fingers were wonderful, sliding through the folds and dipping in to lubricate. Her hips undulated and she closed her eyes, rubbing herself against his fingers.

She was shocked when his hand slapped her butt again, the hardest one yet. Her eyes flew open, tears stinging them, and she bit her finger to remain silent. That one had really hurt! Although it hadn’t been unbearable and hadn’t surpassed the pleasure.

“Don’t move your pussy, Serena,” he ordered, but his voice was low and ragged, his breathing heavy.

Serena didn’t know if she could remain still. His fingers began playing with her again, slipping and sliding over and around, in and out. She had to concentrate to keep her hips from joining the rhythm of his delicate touch…oh, and the wet thumb that pressed into her anus. A shiver passed through her and she hoped he didn’t count that as movement.

Serena sucked in air through her mouth, her breaths sounding as harsh and heavy as his. She tried to remain still. He said not to move her pussy, but he didn’t say a thing about her sphincter muscle. She closed her eyes again and alternated tightening and relaxing around his massaging thumb.

Wonderfully warm sensations poured through her. She wanted to rub against his fingers until she came. Or scream in frustration. She wasn’t allowed to do either.

Invictus’ fingertips moved closer to her clit and massaged it briefly. Serena moaned, she couldn’t help it. But then he completely removed his hand from her.

“Very good, Serena. You’re learning quickly.”

Published by Silver Heart Books.
Special low price for a limited time: $0.99 USD

Available now at Amazon, B&N, Diesel, Kobo and Smashwords.

Coming soon to other retailers, as they get around to putting it up:
Apple, Sony, etc.


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