Santa’s Toys

Santa's Toys by Lani AamesSANTA’S TOYS BY LANI AAMES

Return to Sinclair’s Department Store for a hot holiday romp that melts icicles and stokes lovers’ passion. Riley Sinclair dons the red velvet suit in anticipation of a evening of play with the love of his life.

As manager of the new Sinclair’s Ladies Boutique, Delta Nicely finds the naughtiest pleasures in Santa’s bag of tricks.


5 Hearts! “I loved this seriously sensual quick read… For such a brief story the characters are wonderfully developed and the plot is solid. Delta and Riley are fabulous together. I highly recommend this…” —Theresa Joseph for TRS Blue

9 Rating! “Totally hot… Ms Aames has done a fab job at creating such a great tale in such a short span pages. I can’t wait to read more from her. :)”
—RomanceReader for Seriously Reviewed


She watched him open the bag and wondered what he had chosen from among all the sex toys in the stockroom. Knowing Riley, he would have given some thought to his choices. He always gave her gifts for her birthday, Valentine’s and Christmas, and other just-because days, that he knew she would like and had meaning. He wasn’t one of those men who just grabbed something at the last minute, and it was one of the reasons she loved him.

The first item he brought out was a box with a Christmas winter wonderland scene on it. A naked female elf was handcuffed to what could only be the North Pole, and Santa was eyeing her lustfully. Delta laughed at the coincidence. She’d forgotten about that one.

“Thought you’d get a kick out of it.” He winked and turned the box around to read, “Naughty Elf Kit. Get your holly-jollies with fur-covered cuffs. Bind your elf to the nearest pole and have your merry way with her. Includes edible lick-n-stick snowflake nipple pasties and thong to nibble your way to mouth-watering peppermint pleasure with your naughtiest elf.”

The copy on the package made her giggle. And turned her on. Something about sexy Christmas puns, even corny ones, combined with their Santa and elf costumes and the holiday season made her horny. Truth was, Riley made her horny any time of the year whenever she looked at him, touched him, or even thought about him. While she truly enjoyed her alone time, she couldn’t wait to spend time with him. He was always on her mind and in her heart.

“So, what else do you have in your little red bag, Santa?” she asked.

He withdrew another identical box. “There’s more, but I have two of these. Two sets of cuffs. Since there’s no pole to cuff you to, I thought we could use the drawers on each side of this display table. That okay with you?”

She stretched out her arms. “A Santa’s gotta do what a Santa’s gotta do, and I’ve been such a naughty elf this year.”

His cock bounced up in response, and she repressed another giggle because she didn’t want him to think she was laughing at him. She watched him secure one of her wrists to the handle on a drawer on one side of the table then do the same with her other wrist on the other side.

“Are you comfortable?” he asked.

It felt strange at first, being bound with her arms out to the side. She couldn’t move them more than a few inches. Worse, she couldn’t touch Riley, run her hands over his warm skin, follow the contours of his hard muscles, or wrap her fingers around his long cock. She wasn’t sure if she liked this or not. She knew all she had to do was say the word and he’d release her but she thought she’d give it a try for a little while longer anyway.

On second thought, that meant all she had to do was lie there and Riley would take care of all her needs. She kind of liked that idea.


Santa’s Toys at Ellora’s Cave:


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