The Wizard’s Staff

The Wizard's Staff by Lani AamesTHE WIZARD’S STAFF BY LANI AAMES

When Hilary Ewing touches an ancient staff, she unleashes a sexy wizard, Magnum de Brun, who has been imprisoned inside the crystal for fifteen hundred years. When their energies combine, the world is thrown into chaos, but for Hilary and Magnum, their union makes perfect sense.

Amber Heat

Also available at online retailers: Amazon, B&N, and others


In a bed of deep blue velvet lay a wooden staff with a plum-sized crystal attached to one end. Its once textured surface had been worn smooth by handling and time, and the crystal reflected light in a sparkling array from each of its many facets. At first glance, nearly blinded by the need to be fucked, she thought it was some kind of stylized dildo. She blinked to clear her vision and realized it was what had been listed among the items she had purchased as a wizard’s staff.

The oak shaft measured a good twelve inches in length and nearly two inches in diameter. With the bulbous crystal giving it a phallic shape, she hadn’t been far off the mark.

“Oh, my,” she murmured. The thought flitted across her mind… If she lubricated it enough, would it fit inside her?

Hilary lifted the staff and ran her hand up the hard length of the handle, cupping her palm around the crystal. When her fingers closed around it, the crystal flashed brightly and another jolt entered the center of her palm. The current shot up her arm, through her torso, and straight to her pussy.

Her juices flowed and wet her panties as her womb clenched. Her clit throbbed harder, almost painfully, and her nipples tightened more. With her other hand, she pulled the long skirt of her costume up over her knees. She wouldn’t need any more lubrication than she already had.

She was grappling with her panties, to get them out of the way, when Shadow jumped up on the couch and rubbed into her arm, his tail trailing across her face as he turned. Her arm recoiled from the pressure of the cat, and the staff slipped from her hand.

Almost instantly, she felt as if a cloud had been removed from her mind. She couldn’t believe what she’d been about to do! She dropped her skirt and looked down at the staff.

“What’s happening?” she whispered, but she received no answer, not even a comforting meow from Shadow.

The crystal started to glow, a pulsing incandescent light that mesmerized her. Sparkling rays shot out a few inches in all different directions, one from each facet. Then one larger ray, like a concentrated laser beam, burst from the tip to the center of the room. A seven-foot cone of light flared up, and when it died away and the beam dissipated, Hilary could only stare in awe and wonder.

A naked man stood with his eyes closed, his arms hanging straight at his sides, and a hard-on as big as the wooden staff itself.

Amber Heat

Also available at online retailers: Amazon, B&N, and others


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