Western Ways - Valiant by Lani AamesVALIANT BY LANI AAMES

In the anthology Western Ways

Quade Singleton has returned to the town of Valiant to find that his childhood friend Delaney Shaw is all grown up and waiting for him. They share one night of perfect passion, but before they can plan their future together, Quade has been arrested, tried, and sentenced to hang for the murder of his uncle.

Delaney believes there is more to the incident than Quade is telling and sets out to save the man she loves.

PUBLISHER: Melange Books
PRICE: $5.99 at Melange Books
Melange Books

Other Vendors –
Amazon US $6.99 | Amazon UK £5.08 | Amazon DE 5,80 | Amazon FR 5,80


Snuggled in Quade’s arms, Delaney placed another bite of bread into his mouth. They had dressed, but her bodice was still unfastened and Quade’s hand had slipped beneath her chemise to curl around her breast. His fingers caressed her, sending little tingles through her whenever he touched the sensitive peak. She knew she should have been mortified at the liberties she had allowed him to take, but she wasn’t. Having Quade’s hand on her body, like his manhood inside her, seemed as natural as breathing.

The sound of a door slamming shut brought their world to a crushing end. Quade jerked his hand free and sat upright.

“I’ll be in there in a minute, Delaney,” Harvey called from the office through the closed door.

Maybe he’d guessed at her true intentions for visiting Quade. Or maybe he was just being polite as always. It didn’t matter. Nothing mattered except that her time with Quade was over. Her heart broke into a thousand pieces, and she felt every crack and splinter inside her chest.

Quade placed a kiss at her temple, then stood up. She dropped the remainder of the roll on the tray in the floor and fumbled with the buttons at her bodice, fastening them until she reached the high neck. Her skin burned where he’d touched, as if he’d branded her. She ached to be in Quade’s arms again, but there was no more time for them.

Quade held out his hand to her. “It’s time to go, sweetheart.”

“No!” The word left her mouth in an outburst of anger and frustration. “No, Quade, I won’t go.”

“You have to. You know that.” He took her hand and forced her to her feet and into his arms. “What would the sheriff say when he returned tomorrow morning and found his darling daughter in the arms of the man he has to hang at noon?”

Melange Books $5.99

Other Vendors –
Amazon US $6.99 | Amazon UK £5.08 | Amazon DE 5,80 | Amazon FR 5,80


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