Subscribe Now and Save

“Subscribe Now and Save” is included as a bonus story in the Chance Encounter book.

Chance Encounter coverCHANCE ENCOUNTER
BY Lanette Curington writing as

A fateful ride in an elevator takes a strange turn after Donna Blakely meets the handsome and mysterious Michael Chance. Supernatural suspense short story, approx. 2,900 words or 10 pages.

Also includes bonus short story, “Subscribe Now and Save” — Contending with magazine subscription cards. Horror fantasy, approx. 800 words or 3 pages.

If you enjoy a twist in the tale (such as some Twilight Zone and Alfred Hitchcock stories), you may like “Chance Encounter” and “Subscribe Now and Save”.

PUBLISHER: Silver Heart Books
PRICE: $0.99 USD

Amazon US | Amazon UK | Amazon DE
Amazon FR | Amazon ES | Amazon IT

Coming soon to other vendors.

Click Chance Encounter excerpt


I greeted my friend as he joined me at the bar.

“Whiskey sour.”

I ordered another vodka martini.

“Glad you could meet me. I’m going out of my mind. I can’t sleep and I can’t eat. I can’t work and I can’t make love to my wife. I can’t get rid of the stupid thing. It’s haunting me.”

I told him to try to relax, to take a deep breath and let it out slowly.

“Look at me. I’m shaking so bad I spilled my drink. No matter where I put it, it’s always in my pocket the next morning.”

I asked him exactly what was it.

It is this. I picked up a copy of Midnight Tales about a month ago. Y’know, it’s a magazine of horror stories, the kind with twist endings that leave you wondering. I used to read it when I was in high school. Thought I’d see what they’re writing these days. Well, you know those annoying little subscription cards they always stick in the middle? They fall out while you’re trying to read and get in the way when you turn the pages.”

I said I knew all too well.

“This, it fell out into my lap that evening. I thought I’d get a couple of stories read before dinner. I settled down in my favorite chair and started one story. It fell out–no, it floated down and landed gently in my lap. I laid it on the table by the chair and thought, ‘Ha-ha, gotcha!’ When I was halfway through the next story, my wife called me to dinner. I put the magazine in the chair. When I came back later to finish the story, it floated out of the magazine and into my lap again.”


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