WIPs & Future WIPs

WIPs are Works In Progress. Many of these are actual works in progress. Some are ideas that will be WIPs as soon as I get some of the actual WIPs finished.

The plan is to wrap up some of the series I’ve started over the years by the end of 2012. Time is flying by, and I don’t want to leave these hanging any longer. The exceptions are the Santa series, which will wrap in 2013, and my Greek myth Immortal Legends, which will continue as long as I’m still able to string a coherent sentence together. LOL

I’m not going to create a separate page for all of these yet because I don’t know when they will be finished and ready for release. In the case of projected WIPs, there may not be enough info for a separate page. These are works in progress and titles and info are subject to change as I progress with the writing. Nothing is ever set in stone until it’s done and done.

In no particular order…

Love’s Crossing, a historical western serial. I have two episodes completed, but I want a few more finished before I start putting up more information. This is a series of novelettes set in the fictional old west town of Love’s Crossing. Romance plays an important part in series of stories, but it will be an ongoing, overall arc instead of an HEA in each episode. Something a little different for me, so I have to plan the series carefully. The first season will be a limited number of episodes (like a regular TV series). If they are received well and sell well, I’ll continue the series. If not, I’ll wrap it up in a grand finale, HEAs included, and call it an experiment. LOL

Santa’s Balls, the 2012 entry in the Sinclair’s Department Store Christmas series. Not quite what you’re thinking. *g* Another sexy Sinclair in the red velvet suit and the pastry chef at the new Sinclair’s Bakery, whose specialty for the holidays are the decadent confection she creates and calls Santa’s Balls.

Immortal Surrender, Greek myth fantasy novel and sequel to Immortal Conquest. The story of Saron and Ares.

Master of Midnight and Master of None, sequels to Master of Disaster and starring the other Masters brothers Zane and Zack, respectively. Real Life got in the way–of most of these WIPs and projected WIPs. But I certainly meant to have written and released these two novellas before now. I’m hoping I can get Master of Midnight finished before the end of 2011 and have a release date for early 2012…but I have so much planned this year. I’ll have to see how it goes.

The Shadow’s Wand, the sequel to The Wizard’s Staff.

Lusty Charms: Celestial Fire and Lusty Charms: Dungeon Master, sequels to Lusty Charms: Invictus. Dungeon Master will wrap up the story of Serena and Invictus and end the series…I think. I really like this series, so if ideas for more stories set in this world come my way, I won’t turn them away. *g*


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